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Shou Wu Liqueur is a Taoist Herbal Aphrodisiac and is one of the most popular tonic preparation.

  • Its main ingredient, polygonum multiflorum, is a famous rejuvenator and blood purifier, which is said to build vital energy, aid in concentration and prolong life.
  • For centuries, this formula has been used to nourish the blood tonifying the liver and kidneys and benefiting the spleen.
  • Noted for strengthening the lower physical structure, it is helpful for pain in the lower back, waist and knees.

Shou Wu Liqueur strengthens the sinews and bones and benefits the joints, clears the vision and inhibits premature graying of the hair and other symptoms of aging associated with deficient liver and kidneys.


  • Many are familiar with liqueurs, but believe them to be very complex and even mysterious compounds that are very difficult to prepare.
  • This is, of course, due to the fact that the formulas are of foreign origin and many of them have been kept secret for some time. Liqueurs, cordials, and bitters are all herbal tinctures.
  • They can be made either by fermenting or extracting.
  • Simple extraction of herbs in grain alcohol is one of the best ways to make a tonic for quick tonification of vital energy.

In the Orient, a strong rice wine is used to make tinctures.

This type of high proof alcohol is unavailable in the United States.

In Europe and the Americas, vodka is the preferred base for making an herbal extraction.

Vodka of at least 80 proof is a clear, clean grain alcohol that is neutral to the energy of the herbs and it does not hide the aroma or taste of the herbal tincture.

Ingredients: Polygonum, Psoralea, Achyranthes, Lycium, Poria Cocos, Cusuta, Angelica

Shou Wu Herbal Liqueur - Taoist Rejuvenatorr

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