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Pentrating Bone Tea is a powerful bone strengthener!

In centuries past, this complex formula was used by masters and their disciples to increase the strength in bones. This enabled attacks to be executed with more power and also meant that attacks from opponents could be better resisted.

  • Penetrating Bone Tea is a must for practitioners of toughening techniques.
  • We recommend using it in conjunction with our training liniments. Penetrating Bone Tea is an extremely powerful formula.
  • It is taken only once every three days during a two week term of training, with one week off between terms.


Amount: 66 grams


Ingredients: Rehmannia, Carthamus, Paeoniae Lactiflora, Paeoniae Moutan, Rheum Pyrite, Tienchi, Angelica.

Penetrating Bone Herbal Tea - Bone Strengthener

SKU: T.162
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