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Deliver cooling comfort and speedy healing results with the Liquid Ice Pack to get your equine athlete back in tip top shape!

  • This innovative ice pack features a liquid formula that has been used in traditional equine medicine for centuries.
  • Throw out your frozen artificial gel and save on the price of hard ice block packs by opting for an easy, natural solution.
  • The herbal oils and natural ingredients in the Liquid Ice Pack can improve blood flow, reduce inflammation, and lessen pain through external application.
  • The energetically cooling herbs are powerful enough to guarantee a reduction in swelling and faster recovery.
  • The Liquid Ice Pack is an indispensable healing tool that you need in your first aid kit!

Ingredients: Caesalpinia sappan wood, Phellodendri, Prunus mume fruit, Alumen, proprietary blend.

Liquid Ice Equine Liniment 32 oz

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