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Equine Wash (TM) is great for equine massage therapy.  It's a warm soothing liniment used to relax tense, fatigued muscles  or your equine athlete.


It aids the masseur or adjustor in prepping the body for massage routine, passive stretches or alignment.  A therapist may find that all the benefits of this liniment will be used to it's optimum in full stretch form.


To apply for a session, wipe In a downward motion to warm the body and prepare for therapeutic treatment.  Massage with strokes directed to the muscle groups and direction of muscle fibers.

For daily care, use after workout, 2 oz of Equine Wash (TM) for every gallon of water.


This classic formula assists in magnetic, laser, ultrasound, acupressure and electrical stimulation therapy.  Shake Well.

Ingredients: Alcohol, soy oil, camphor, clove oil, cassia oil, menthol, lecithin, turpentine oil.


Equine Wash 32oz

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