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Bruise Tea creates healing energy for bumps and bruises! During times of war, this formula was a standby of professional warriors because it stimulates healing energy to aid in recovering from training.


  • This Wu Shu formula smooths the energy flow while relieves tension in muscles, ligaments and tendons; relaxing areas of stiffness, building chi and invigorating the blood.
  • Originally called Protecting the True Tea, this tea  used after a hit resulting in a bump, bruise or sprain; helps break up black and blue marks and cools the heat created by an injury.


Bruise Tea can also be used as a preventive when pursuing a short period of especially intense training.


Amount:  66 grams


Ingredients: Rosa Laevigata, Psoralea, Atractylodes, Astragalus, Scutellaria, Cuscuta, Ligusticum, Angelica, Paeonia, Rehmannia, Eucommia, Walnuts.

Bruise Tea - Aids in bruise reduction

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